Saturday, July 19, 2008


As I write, it is looking quite hopeful that my dear hubby will finish the race tomorrow. He took a short run/walk today and with Ibuprofen we figure he can run/walk the half marathon if the hip is still hurting. It is a superficial wound-all different pretty colors of purple, nothing that can be further damaged but still just may hurt like hell while on the run. And as fate would have it, we met a man staying next door who is doing the race, his first half IM-with a leg prosthesis. After having a great conversation with him, I turned to H and said well, guess you can think about him when you are running. He agreed. I have so much respect for physically challenged athletes. I mean we think we have an uphill battle and then realize how lucky we are. Speaking of uphill, we drove the course today. I did this course 5 years ago-my first half IM-when did they put all those hills in? I seem to remember it not being that hard on my old Lemond fossil bike back then. Of course I was a bit younger and maybe again, my memory is failing me. And it did take me 8 and 1/2 hours.

I swam in the Russian River today, which is beautiful in itself. The water temp was 72 degrees and outside temp about 50. I was cold in my new swim skin. I decided that after IMCDA, I was not up for any more cold swimming, not even for a minute so made the executive decision to wear my full wetsuit. What the hell? I will wear my new skin sometime soon-it is very cool and fast but avoiding discomfort at all costs is my MO tomorrow.

My only goal is to beat my husband in the swim. The rest we can do together, I don't care. I may walk with him on the run, if he has to do that. I grew up swimming and H just keeps getting faster and faster in the water. This is getting annoying! So we have a little rivalry going about our open water swimming. The bike and run I do not care-carry on and kick my ass. But he can't beat me in the swim!

This is my "C" race-I don't really care at this point. There is a little voice inside the recesses of my mind that says Hmmm, would be nice to sail through this one and just get a PR just cause I can! But reality hit after driving the bike course and unless all the extra O2 adds infinite amount of power up the hills, I am willing to accept my mortality and settle for MOP. I can always blame anything on the fact I did IMCDA 3 weeks ago, heh?


cindy said...

Good luck to you and H!! I hope you both enjoy the race :)

skoshi said...

Ow! Sorry to read about Hartley, but glad it wasn't any worse. Will be sending good thoughts for your race(s).
Sounds like a post race massage might be just the ticket to work out post race soreness and H's hip kinks. I could use one myself :)

Calyx Meredith said...

I was thinking about y'all as I ran this morning - hoping Hartley was still going to get to race his A race! Glad to hear it was looking better.

momo said...

debi - i just read about your hubby - how's he feeling today??

hoping the race goes well today, and BIG hugs.

LBTEPA said...

Good luck and have a great race (swim your heart out!)

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

ACTUALLY IMCDA was 4 weeks ago. :-D

Have a nice race!

SWTrigal said...

I stand corrected-IMCDA was 4 weeks ago!\:)