Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

I swam fast today. Not just the trudging, dragging myself through the water trick -but really fast (for me)..

We are on speed sessions for the most part now. Last week I could not get my HR over 150 to save my life on the swim. I thought, well that is it-I just can't do it!

Today, my swim workout (this was after a 2 hour run) was 3500 yds, 2000 of which were this:

(3X100s (fast), then 200 easy) X 4. I averaged 154-164 BPM on the old HR and 1:35-1:40 on the 100s. Now, if I could just translate this to really fast swimming in 51 degree water, I am good! Trying not to obsess too much about the IMCDA water temp but come-on!! 51 degrees? Are you kidding me?

Today's workout, coupled with my open water practice in balmy 60 degree Cochiti lake is making me more confident by the day. Hey, we will all be swimming in the same water right?

I keep having funny dreams about IMCDA:

1. My toe is severed off and I keep having to put it back on. I am about to miss the bike cutoff.

2. I am swimming in the lake and a fish bites my leg!

3. I am on the bike and my pedals aren't the right ones. I can't get my feet in them. I am yelling at someone who changed my pedals..

Can anyone say anxiety dreams? Why can't I have just one dream where I win the whole thing? Or finish in daylight?


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

your dreams made me laugh. it's funny how they seem to make sense at the time (like toe is severed off and you keep trying to put it on...)

i have dreams like that all the time, just not about ironman.

21stCenturyMom said...

Those are fabulous swim splits! You are so ready for this race.

Maybe if you meditate on a successful finish it will influence your dreams. At least you know they are just anxiety dreams, though. Sort the triathletes version of leaving the baby on the bus or in the elevator(we all had that one, didn't we?)

LBTEPA said...

Oh no! That toe dream and the fish dream....freaky...
here's to a sudden heat wave at the IMCDA lake

WADDLER26.2 said...

You have a few more dreams ahead that will be interesting.

Iron Eric said...

Dreaming about Ironman...Racing...ahhhhhhh.
Just as long as they are good dreams. I have had a couple scary ones.

I swam in the frigid lake again and saw tons of monster fish...I felt like trying to touch them...They might have gone after my toe if I tried it.

Bigun said...

Toes are way overrated.

cindy said...

Awesomely fast swim, Debi!! I can't wait to get more swimming tips from you.

The severed toe dream made me laugh out loud. I always have crazy dreams.

Supalinds said...

You don't need toes! Nice speedy swim!!!!

Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Great splits on the swim, really, really great. You are ready for this part of the course.

Don't fret too much about the dreams, your mind is just concentrating too much on the task ahead.


S. Baboo said...

Oooh, I much prefer my IM dreams where the day goes along pretty well and I end up finishing with a pretty good time. However, I suppose those are fairly dull dreams. I guess I really am more of an administrative type.

Calyx Meredith said...

Maybe the anxiety dreams are like in showbiz where a bad dress rehearsal means a good performance? Perhaps your subconscious doesn't want you to forget your neoprene socks. Or maybe your swim times are just so freakin' fast now that your brain doesn't think you need toes anymore? :D

JohnnyTri said...

so far no dreams.. but major oh crap! panic moments during the day when i look at the count clock on my desk top!!!

thanks for the tip on the Arm Coolers!


Formulaic said...

Man! That is a great swim.

I am really jealous.

I am NOT jealous of your dreams!

Losing toes??